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Fewer Patients = More Time For You
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Insurance Free = Hassle Free
  • Unlike traditional primary care providers, direct primary care providers deal directly with their patients and not with an intermediary like an insurance company. DPC patients can receive a higher level of care without the same level of hassle and cost. DPC patients are able to skip the waiting rooms to receive reasonably priced immediate care from doctors who know their patients well.
  • Direct primary care is a way for doctors to provide direct care to their patients. While traditional doctors see upwards of 4,000 patients, direct primary care doctors see no more than 600 at a time: fewer patients means more time for you.

Healthcare for good

Less time on paperwork means more time for you.

Direct primary care doctors are on a mission to restore healthcare to what it used to be — a service designed for the patient in order to help the patient. That’s exactly what the direct primary care model is based off of, and that’s exactly what we do at Vieux Care. No insurance hassles and no waiting means minimal sick days.

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When you become a Vieux Care member, you receive a variety of benefits:
  • No insurance hassle means you can explore your payment options directly with your doctor.
  • Fewer patients so you can spend actual time with your doctor — as much as needed without a time constraint.
  • Direct doctor access means you can text, email, call, or visit your doctor whenever you need to.
  • Patient-focused care gives you a personal connection with your doctor. They’ll know your story, your medical history, and your needs.
  • Your home away from home means you can enter an office full of people who know you on a personal level.
  • Same-day scheduling lets you see your doctor virtually without any waiting.
  • Personal care. Want to skip the office? We give you your doctor’s phone number.
  • Inexpensive services. Receive the same type of services that you would get in a traditional healthcare practice without the traditional costs.
  • Corporate rates for businesses means you can help your employees stay healthy.

Becoming a member of Vieux Care will allow you to get care wherever and whenever. Join Vieux Care today and remember what healthy feels like.

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